Seto Bay Route 1. Seto Bay's to "Yumetabi"


Matsuyama/Dogo Yumetabi, Romantic Vacation, Beautiful Vacation A vacation where you can find a new you.

Matsuyama and Dogo are places where everyone can become beautiful: a place of religious pilgrimage for improvement of the spirit, and Dogo Onsen for improvement of the body! The day you come to Dogo will be the day that you too become beautiful. So, how about finding the beautiful new you with us at Dogo?

Better your spirit at Ishiteji Temple The Temple Associated with the originator of the Shikoku Pilgrimage: Eimon Saburou

Fill'er up... with spiritual power! Improve your luck, too! Ishiteji Temple

The 51st of Shikoku's 88 Spiritual Locations, and said to be the temple of origin of the legendary Shikoku Pilgrimage: Nioumon was built in the Kamakura Era (1185 - 1333 AD) and is designated as a national treasure. It also holds many other important cultural objects, and is famous as a Matsuyama-Dogo "power spot" for modern day spirit seekers. This is a good opportunity to cleanse your heart and re-evaluate things!

Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City, Ishite 2-9-21 / 089-977-0870
Price: Free (Entrance to the Cultural Treasure Hall is 200 Yen)
Time: The grounds are open at all times (Tour groups are requires to pay an entrance fee)
Closing Days: None
Parking: 80 Cars (admission-paid)

Pilgrimage Trivia

The 88 sacred spots of Shikoku were founded about 1,200 years ago by Kouboudaishi (a great Buddhist teacher). The tradition of pilgrimaging around these 88 places was begun by the wealthy Eimon Saburou of Iyokuni Onsen County, Shouhara Town (Modern Day Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City). When he realized the error of his ways, he set out after Kouboudaishi and followed him all over Shikoku. This is the beginning of the legend, so they say. Nowadays, many young women also undergo the pilgrimage to seek divine help with finding work, getting married, improving their health or meeting someone new.
Recently, the pilgrimage has become popular among not only the religious, but young women seeking improved health, stress relief, and success in marriage or employment!

How about visiting Shikoku's 88 sacred places by touching a few sand bags?!

The greatest spiritual spot which Ishiteji Temple has to offer is the "Sand Bags" which encircle its three-story pagoda. In these bags are sand from each of Shikoku's 88 sacred places. If one rubs all of them, it is said that one gains the same divine benefit as one would from actually pilgrimaging to each location. It's a good way to brush up your luck if you're a lady looking for anything that might help.

We hope that you will be able to pilgrimage with us in good health☆

It is said, if you're having leg troubles, that it's good to touch your legs with your hands after touching a "giant sandle." It's also said that the ashes of the sandals, being burned and made anew once every four years, also contain the divine blessing of the great teacher! Who would have thought!

Please, gain new spiritual energy from Nioumon, our national treasure!

Nioumon, already designated a national treasure, is one of Japan's foremost tower gates. The two statues, who guard the gate with their intense gaze, are said to be the masterwork of Unkei Ichimon.

The other side of the historied Ishiteji Temple

Although Ishite Temple is on of Japan's foremost ancient temple, it's history has another side to it. It is dotted with many oddities, such as statues of numerous statues of Buddha, a golden tower called the "Mantora Tower" and a cave known as "The Bottom of the Earth." Please enjoy these sights as well during your stay.

Formerly "great men" also scrawled graffiti!

"Daishidou," also known as the "Rakugakidou(Graffiti Hall)," is where it is said that Souseki Natsume and Shiki Masaoka scrawled their names! In modern days, the walls have been repaired and their writings are no longer there, but one wonders what these famous people might have written.

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Come and satisfy yourself with an onsen that has welled forth since time immemorial.
Improve your beauty at Dogo Onsen.

The spirit and the body, purified!
Dogo Onsen Main Building

Dogo Onsen is counted among Japan's oldest onsens. It's history is remarkably old, with one theory dating it at 3,000 years old! We guarantee that you'll be taken with our three-story onsen's building which, built in 1894, exudes charm. Take in the history as you sit in the "bath of beauty" and enjoy the new suppleness in your skin! Refresh your spirit and your body in a bath that overflows with spiritual energy. You might even discover something new about yourself, ladies!

Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City, Dogo Yunomachi 5-6 / 089-921-5141
Prices (for Kaminoyu's first floor) Adults: 400 Yen Children: 150 Yen Prices (for Kaminoyu's second floor) Adults: 1,500 Yen Children: 750 Yen
[Reinoyu's 2nd Floor Seats] Adults: 1,200 Yen Children: 600 Yen [Reinoyu's 3rd Floor Private Rooms] Adults: 1,500 Yen Children: 750 Yen
Time: 6AM - 11PM (May vary depending on plan)
Closing Days: None
Parking: 100 Cars (admission-paid)

the 120th anniversary of our main building

The main building of Dogo Onsen, an important cultural treasure, was completed in the 27th year of the Meiji Era (1894). In April 2014, we will be celebrating our 120th anniversary. The literary master Natsume Souseki came to Matsuyama Junior High School to work as an English teacher the same year that this building was completed. He admired the building at the time and wrote it into his novel "Bocchan," in which he writes of it as "splendid." It is thought that Souseki himself actually visited many times.

Some secrets of these famous hot-springs

Dogo Onsen is a 100% natural spring, welling up with no artificial heating or additional water. Water from 17 different onsens varying in temperature from 20 to 55 degrees Celcius is blended together, allowing us to provide to our customers a water temperature of 43 degrees. Even in all of Japan, this is unheard elsewhere, making this place an onsen among onsens. If you want to freshen up your skin, you can't go wrong going for a dip in our simple, slightly alkaline "Beauty Onsen."

Four Recommended Bathing Plans

  1. Kaminoyu's First Floor: Here you can enjoy a traditional "Japanese bath-house" atmosphere at a reasonable price.
  2. Kaminoyu's Second Floor: Bathing as well as a rest in our 2nd floor reception hall. Includes a rental yukata and tea.
  3. Reinoyu's Second Floor Seat: Includes bathing entry into both Kaminoyu and Reinoyu. Also includes use of our exclusive 2nd floor rest areas. Rental yukata and tea included.
  4. Reinoyu's Third Floor Room: Includes bathing entry into both Kaminoyu and Reinoyu. Also includes use of our private 3rd floor relaxation rooms. Rental yukata and tea are also included.

Pray by and be healed by the miracle of the stone!

This rock is often associated with the legend of the god of Izumo, who cured illness in the baths of Dogo. The indentations on the rock are said to be his footprints. Pouring water over them is said to cure illness, improve businesses and aid in marriage making. This is yet another "power spot" among young Japanese spiritualists, so it might be a good idea to make a wish while you're here!

Dogo Onsen Main Building. Click here for more information.

"Haiku Hike" Dogo Ladies "Hike"

Matsuyama has raised many famous poets, including Masaoka Shiki, and is a city with a strong connection to "Haiku."The 5-7-5 syllable Haiku, and the excursionary "Hike" have here been made into two new sightseeing activities with a funny portmanteau of a name: "Matsuyama Haiku" and "Ladies Haiku."

Come and experience the 5 "shiki" (seasons) of Dogo. One Example Course

Venture around Matsuyama, following in the footsteps of the poet Masaoka Shiki while enjoying the seasons of the year

Location Introduction

Travel Plan News - Experience the 5 "Shiki" at Dogo.

Start: Dogo Onsen Station Front / Marionette Clock 10:00AM Departure

Goal: Dogo Onsen Station Front / Marionette Clock 12:30PM Finish

Price: 3.000 Yen / Person
Included in Price: Guide Fee, Label-Making Fee, Workshop Fee (Minakuchi Brewery), Cost of Food and Refreshments at each store

Guided City Tours And Poem Making The Haiku Plan is recommended for ladies Men, too!

Travel Plan News - The Haiku Plan is recommended for ladies! (as well as men)

Start: Dogo Onsen Station Front / Marionette Clock (10:30AM Departure)

Goal: Minakuchi Brewery [Nikitatsu Kurabu] (11:30AM Finish)

Price: 2.000 Yen / Person
Included in Price: Guide Fee, Label-Making Fee, Workshop Fee (Minakuchi Brewery)
Items of Special Mention: It's possible to change the size of the bottle received at Minakuchi Brewery from 300ml to 720ml. (There is an additional fee of 1,000 Yen.) / Please inform us of your choice when making your reservation. Customers not 20+ years of age may not participate

We also have various other plans!
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Send all enquiries to: Matsuyama Haiku Office 089-945-6445

Dogo Onsen Station

The Buddha engraved on the Onsen Spout in Dogo Park

Dogo Onsen Main Building

Fashion Avenue

Minakuchi Brewery